Monday, February 13, 2006

Shelly-Shell is back in the hizzle, Raider Nation

Art Shell is back. He was the last choice ... but let's be real: he was the only man for this job.

Shell is a man that will run this team after practice. Discipline them with tough love. He'll challenge them and if they challenge him back, he'll strap it on if he has to. I'm serious. During his first stint with Raiders he dared his players to challenge him and offered to get into uniform to prove it. He conditioned his players after practice to instill discipline. All of the players said that when Art took over for Shanahan, the sense of family and "I got your back" Raider pride came rushing back. He never should've been fired after a 9-7 season.

But now he's back and most of all, he's part of the Raider family and he's good at relating to people. Who do you think Randy Moss is gonna listen to: Art Shell or Norv Turner? Art Shell or Bobby Petrino? Art Shell or Ken Whisenhunt? The list goes on.

This team will tackle better, it will block better and it will play better special teams. Period. This team may go 8-8, but it will play tough, scrape out some close wins and not get blown out in any loss. Mark my words. It may take 2 seasons to get back into the playoffs, but it'll get done.

Raider football is back! And now what to do about this quarterback situation ... hey if did well with Jay Schroeder, maybe Kerry Collins ... nah!

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