Sunday, February 12, 2006

Highlights from WonderCon S.F.

From the Bryan Singer/Brandon Routh Superman panel:

When pressed by a fan, Bryan Singer said "yes" with regard to his perception that this movie is a continuation of Superman II, in a sense replacing Superman III with Richard Pryor. Singer referred to it as a blend of Superman II and what he imagined Superman III should have been.

Depsite what's been said about the "S" making Routh looks small, he looks the part. Tall, strong, big legs and so on. Dude wasn't the most articulate guy, you can tell he's not used to doing a lot of press.

Lois Lane has a kid and a fiance - posing a big non-kryptonite obstacle. Lex Luthor will be more sadistic due to a stint in jail. Superman had to get away from Earth for a while to find himself and "Zen." The film is larger in scale than X-Men 2, also directed by Singer. He's collaborating with the co-writer from the Usual Supsects on a remake of Logan's Run.

Kevin Smith joked that he looks forward to gay undertones in Superman as there were in Singer's X-Men and X2. He kept going back to this joke again and again.

Smith showed a couple of scenes from Clerks 2 after about 5 minutes of gag screens that teased the audience. Black screens, white letters that said "turn off the videocamera," "yeah you," "I won't show this unless you f*&$ internet pirates turn off your f*&$# cameras," "F*$#* Ain't It Cool News Geeks." Funny stuff.

From the Kevin Smith panel:

Highlights included Randall ripping two LOTR nerds and defending the Star Wars trilogy. Good gay joke about Froto and Sam. The crecendo was Jay and Silent Bob with a recreation of the disturbing "dance in the mirror" sequence from the end of Silence of the Lambs. It was complete with music provided by boombox. Classic!

Kevin basically did 90 minutes of stand-up comedy in reaction to fans asking questions and trying to "attack" him for Spider-Man/Black Cat or Daredevil Target. He admitted some things:

- He's off the Fletch project after not getting Jason Lee attached as the lead.

- He's off the Green Hornet movie after realizing he can't do action.

- He was never in discussion to do a Star Wars TV Show, but he perpetuated the rumor by not denying it. He says on one occasion, Lucas didn't deny it either! Later than night, LucasFilm's Steve Sansweet said the Live Action TV Show will take place between Ep. III and Ep. IV, based on little known background characters who get expanded storylines where the main characters we know become background characters.

- Jason Mewes still lives with Kevin Simth.

- Everyone hates J-Lo, according to focus groups and screen audiences.

From MI: 3 Panel:

- JJ Abrams was easily the most humble, charismatic and relatable panelist. He showed some great action from the movie. It looks great. P. Seymor-Hoffman adds a real credibility. Apparently Tom Cruise loves ALIAS (so do I) and does almost all of his own stunts. Cruise love Abrams so much he waited a year from him to do this movie while Abrams worked on Lost. How cool is that for JJ?


Anonymous said...

well, it wasn't more readable than the ACIN report-- just shorter-- and a lot less newsworthy.

O-dogg said...

Ahh yes, because large purple font with tons of over-capitalization and exclamation marks just reeks of newsworthy content. F&$#& AICN losers ... Kevin Smith had it right ...