Friday, September 09, 2005

Same old Moss, Raiders

The more things change, the more things stay the same. Randy Moss changes teams, schemes and quarterbacks and still gets his 100+ yards, a handful of catches and a crowd-stunning touchdown. The Raiders remake their offense in the image of Al Davis' favored vertical game and add power runner Lamont Jordan ... and still kill themselves with penalties and turnovers. What a shame because the defense was actually up to the challenge. It's not the D's fault Janikowski shanked a field goal and that the offense turned the ball over right after a huge 4th down stuff.

Al Davis now uses a walker. Me thinks once old Al is finally 6-feet under the Raiders will still be racking up yellow flags galore. I wonder if he'll be rolling over in that grave, still grousing over referee conspiracy theories. Say what you will about Jon Gruden, but the man would not allow his team to complain about refs - he challenged them to simply eliminate penalties.

By contrast, pock-faced Norvall shrugs the hankies off with this: 'It's just guys trying to make an extra play.' Ahem, can't you only make one play per snap? How do you make an extra play? Well one thing is for sure: Mr. Moss and the gang will be No. 1 ... in penalties.

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