Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Futuristic SciFi Technology is here - a Robotic Humanoid

Japanese scientist creates life-like female droid. Look out C3PO, here comes something meatier. Posted by Picasa

Yes true beleviers and SciFi fans, she has finally arrived - a lifelike droid. Star Wars, Star Trek, Battle Star Galactica, i-Robot, AI, Weird Science and Small Wonder: Eat Your Heart Out!

This little lady supposedly moves like a real human woman and even appears to breath. I wonder if she'll want to talk about her day and complain about the toilet seat. My guess is no! She was created by a man after all.

Seriously, this is very cool stuff because it's cutting edge and yet you have to wonder if the scientist will create an army of these droid damsels that will go bad and seek to take over the Earth. As long as men can still fart, drink beer and watch football, I'm okay with an army of she-bots dressed in pink blazers. I wonder if she'll come pre-programmed with cheat codes for Xbox or DVD bootlegging software.

Okay, that's enough wishful thinking for one blog. See you at the bloggies.

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