Sunday, July 31, 2005

It's for real now. Moss is a Raider. Camp has started!

Eat it Raider-Haters. Oakland has the most exciting player in the NFL. Jerry Rice and Tim Brown's records will be in serious trouble 10 years from now. I look forward to a decade of championship-caliber football with Mr. Moss leading the charge. Great move Mr. Davis, the Raidernation thanks you. Posted by Picasa

HBO's Entourage is a sleeper hit

This could be the best show on TV you're not watching. It's executive produced by Mark Walberg and scores TONS of awesome cameos from everyone from Bob Sagget to Mandy Moore.

It's about a young actor and his posse; one is his manager, one is his brother, one is just pot-smoking freeloader - and all are his best friends. The reason I watch is the superagent Ari Gold - played by Jeremy Piven - who steals every scene. I suspect each of these actors has a basis in reality for the roles that they play because they ring so true. From trying to score "sloppy seconds" from the actor's leftover women, to freeloading freebies at every turn, the posse is a brilliant representation of 20-something Hollywood. If you have HBO, catch this show.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Futuristic SciFi Technology is here - a Robotic Humanoid

Japanese scientist creates life-like female droid. Look out C3PO, here comes something meatier. Posted by Picasa

Yes true beleviers and SciFi fans, she has finally arrived - a lifelike droid. Star Wars, Star Trek, Battle Star Galactica, i-Robot, AI, Weird Science and Small Wonder: Eat Your Heart Out!

This little lady supposedly moves like a real human woman and even appears to breath. I wonder if she'll want to talk about her day and complain about the toilet seat. My guess is no! She was created by a man after all.

Seriously, this is very cool stuff because it's cutting edge and yet you have to wonder if the scientist will create an army of these droid damsels that will go bad and seek to take over the Earth. As long as men can still fart, drink beer and watch football, I'm okay with an army of she-bots dressed in pink blazers. I wonder if she'll come pre-programmed with cheat codes for Xbox or DVD bootlegging software.

Okay, that's enough wishful thinking for one blog. See you at the bloggies.

Monday, July 18, 2005

It's been a while ... let's get our proper Blog on

It's been a busy summer. New job. Buying my first home as I write this. Adobrable baby girl is as busy as ever. Side jobs on weekends. Wife is on verge of promotion and raise. We haven't had time for anything ... except for one of the best shows in the history of TV - FOX'S Family Guy!

It would seem that the writers of the Family Guy did a deep psychological profile on me and use the material from my inner most thoughts to craft the show. Here's what I mean: in the last show there were no fewer than five references that made me laugh harder than anyone on God's Green Earth.

1. A-ha video "Take Me On," complete with pencil-shaved cartoon panels
2. A reference to the Goonies and Chunk's "Truffle Shuffle."
3. An homage to the Star Wars IV Death Star trench run complete with TIE-Fighters.
4. A day dream about Peter Griffin's fantasy land in "The Never Ending Story."
5. An Asian version of Three's Company.

There was some other, unsavory stuff, like references to the untimely death of a member of the band INXS and to Greg Louganis' name rhyming with anus. Last week there was a fanboy reference to X-Men starring a dressed up nerd as Wolverine and Lois Griffin as Mystique. This stuff writes itself, I tell you.

I'm so glad this show made it back on after an unexplicable cancellation. Sometimes great shows don't get good ratings and never make it back (see: ABC's "Sports Night", NBC's "American Dreams" and "Manimal" and Fox's "Sledgehammer" and "Dark Angel" - okay, maybe "Manimal" is stretching it a bit.)

And now a call to action:

Children of the mid-70s and 80s: next time you're sitting at home at 9 p.m. on a Sunday night, tune into the Family Guy. Forget the Surreal Life and USA's The 4400. Or better yet ... TiVo/DVR those other shows. Do like Brian the talking dog - whip yourself up a martini and enjoy the brilliance that is the Family Guy.