Monday, May 09, 2005

I've had two weeks to reflect on my visit to the ER

In an instant, my world came crashing down. A bad hope on the infield dirt, and a sharply hit softball crushes my eye. It fractured a think bone between the back of my eye and the nose. Blood everywhere.

I have permanent damage to my right eye from childhood. To have this softball bash my left (good) eye was scary as hell.

Probably not as scary as my 7 hour stay at the local ER.

Because I wasn't dying or a baby, I was low on the priority list. My wound wasn't cleaned until the end of my stay. My wife had to troll around for gauze for my bleeding gash. I had to wait for hours before the catscan specialist could x-ray my skull. I had to ask for pain killers. I had to ask for a bag of ice for my swollen eye. It all came much later. I was told my contact lens was ripped apart inside my eye. It was not. I plucked both contacts out, as I normally would, because the doctor couldn't figure it out. I had to remind the doctor that I needed clean hands before taking my contacts out ... then I had to wait for the lone ER bathroom. Best of all, I was shoved out into the hallway because they ran out of ER rooms. Luckily a nurse had pity on me and my wife - she grabbed us warmed blankets. She was the only one to really service us the whole night.

Overall, I'm very grateful the doctor was diligent in examining my eye. I should be on my way to a 100% recovery, but it was a painful night all the way around. Here's today's Dougie Houser message:

Be careful and protect yourselves.

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