Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Warriors playing .650 ball with Baron Davis. Finally ... next year looks good!

I've been a faithful, Golden State Warriors true believer for a long, long time. At times it has felt like the last time they made the playoffs was also in a galaxy far, far way. That was back when my favorite player - Michigan's Chris Webber - was ballin' on a team with Tim Hardaway, Avery Johson, Chris Mullin, Latrel Sprewell and Chris Gatling. Can you say 1993/1994? Ahh yes, my last year of high school/first year of college. Good times. Good times. Ace of Base was rockin' the airwaves, Niki Taylor was on the front of every magazine, "Clerks" was in production and "Journeys" was THE place to buy shoes.

Webber lasted one year and left Oakland faster than you can say 12-year playoff drought. Now, Baron Davis has arrived to make the biggest impact in Oak-town since Webber. At first, I didn't know too much about "BD." I didn't see what all the fuss was about. Count me as a convert. He even has Mike Dunleavy playing with passion and engery (I swear I will not quote JT The Brick ever again).

The Warriors fate was forever changed on Feb. 24, 2005. Chris Mullin acquired the all-star guard from UCLA and the team is 13-7 since the trade. I don't think they'll play .650 ball all next year, but hell, .550 might squeeze them into the playoffs. Good enough for me. The future looks bright with BD, J-Rich, Pietrus and young Biendrins in the middle. The jury is still out on Dunleavy and Troy Murphy. It says here the Warriors are one Anthony Mason or Dennis Rodman type player away from being a team to be reconed with.

While we're at it, can we finally change the official team name to the Oakland Warriors and make the new orange uniform the permanent road jersey? The navy blue unis look terrible and have since they changed from the plain-old royal blue from the Run-TMC days. Okay, Warriors problems solved. Twelve-year drought about to be ... jammed. Rasberry. Only one man would dare use the rasberry ... Baron Davis!

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Madvaz said...

O Dog, the Warriors future does look bright next year but I'm concern about Baron Davis health. The man has missed at least 30 games in the last 3 years due to nagging injuries. If he can stay healthy all next year then i say the Warriors are at least a 7 or 8 seed playoff team. Warriors fans just have to hope he stays happy and healthy or else he can become a cancer like he was with the hornets.