Wednesday, April 20, 2005

My softball team is like the Bad News Bears, but with 5 o'clock shadows

After getting to a .500 record at 1-1, things were looking good against our old rivals, Jo Bu's Rum. We got up 10-0 in the bottom of the first. Then came the comedy of errors in the top of the second - the result was a 17-10 deficit that should've been a 10-2 lead. Now we're 1-2 and still on top of the world. Why? Good friends = good times. In the words of Frank the Tank, we keep on truckin'

It hurt to lose that bad. One guy struck out looking. Another guy made every kind of error you can make in the outfied short of a Canseco "off the head" homer. Another guy tried a half-ass swing for a bunt and was called out. Normally I'm good for an error or a weak pop-up too, so no one on the team has any room to point fingers.

All in all, we had a good time. We always have a good time. Wives, girlfriends, call girls and good old fashioned concubines are always invited. Kids and pets too. Our Web site has almost 3,000 hits and some guestbook entries. Sometimes we all go out for pizza and beer afterwards. Sometimes we have an "Alize party" before we even hit the field. Its all good with your friendly neighborhood Dublin Non Athletics.

Do we play to win? Sure. We've made the playoffs in every year of our rich and storied history. In the end, playing with fraternity brothers is so much more fun than playing on some corporate or random team full of casual acquaintances or even strangers. What's the moral of the story: eat, drink, play softball and be merry.


Martini Love said...

The last time I played softball it was with a coed team from my fav bar... it was the worst experiance of my life, but I got free drinks after the game so it was worth it!

Chlora said...

Just wanted to say great job, nice blog!

Amateur Wives

Anonymous said...

What about... ?

O-dogg said...

Anonymous: what about "what about ...?"?

It's a double entendre ... I suppose.