Thursday, March 17, 2005

Wonder Woman returns on silver screen

That's right, true believers. A Wonder Woman movie is in the works and it will be written and directed by "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" guru Joss Whedon.

There will never be another Lynda Carter, but here are a few good choices to reprise the roll of the Amazon Warrioress:

Boston Legal's Rhona Mitra
Blade 3's Jessica Biel
Jag's Catherine Bell
Lost's Evangeline Lilly

Can't wait for the golden lasso and invisible fighter jet.


Martini Love said...

I could play Wonder Woman... but I would want it to be Wonder Woman meets Darth Vader.. because I am sorry but Darth Vader (Hayden) has it going on!!

Pantuf said...

Looks like someone had one too many martinis.

O-dogg said...

All I know is that someone trying to live up to Wonder Woman better be able to back it up. It's not every day that a lady can turn a pirouette and magically change into a crime-fighting costume.