Thursday, March 31, 2005

New NBC Show, "The Office" Rules.

As someone about to join corporate America for the first time in his life, I have to say "The Office" scares me a little bit. The characters on this show take so much **** from their idiot boss that it becomes side-splittingly funny. The main character, Michael the boss, is so oblivious to sensitivity and tact that you can't hlep but laugh at a guy that takes himself that seriously. Imagine a short Will Ferrell with slicked back hair and a "world loves me" attitude and you have Michael.

The supporting characters all engage in random acts of petty office politics and time wasting. What's really interesting is that this show sheds light on the "office crush" between a single guy and the young, engaged receptionist. She clearly does nothing to discourage the guy's harmless pining - at one point she falls asleep on his shoulder, putting him in 7th heaven. As long as it doesn't go beyone that, this subplot is funny and interesting. I believe it was CBS's "King of Queens" that shed light on a similar phenomenon, "the office spouse," which has some co-workers acting like a married couple while in the office. That's going a little far, unless both participants in the "office marriage" are single - which the people on "King of Queens" were not.

"The Office" is shot documentary style, with candid "reality show" type interviews that are worth the price of admission alone. Since this show is on network TV and not HBO, it's the best deal in town folks!

Anyway, catch NBC's latest winner on Tuesday Nights. You can also catch it on replya on CNBC and USA. Much like "The Contender," it's a knock out. I'd watch it over a nice bowl of jell-o, extra whipped cream, hold the stapler.


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