Saturday, March 19, 2005

My goodness, she's the double-golden child

All parents love their kids and think they are the most beautiful babies ever. I am no different. My 1-year-old girl is the apple of my eye.

What amazes me the most is all of the physical features she has that I always wanted, but never had. I am a Latino with dark and hairy features. My wife is a mix of Anglo-European and Chamoro from the island of Guam, also a dark-haired culture.

Our baby has brownish-blondish hair, blueish-greenish eyes and some big dimples. On top of that, she looks like she will be tall and left handed. All my life I wanted to be tall, with dimples and light-colored eyes. Plus, left-handers are so sweet in sports - a lefty pitcher, quarterback or shooting guard always have such an heir of cool to them. I can already see visions of my daughter growing up to be an All-America athlete and a celebate nun. Every dad's dream! Okay, wifey will never allow for the nun thing, but sports will be okay for sure.

Both my wife and I were somewhat golden children by virtue of good grades and lack of trouble-making, compared to more rebellious siblings. Of course we both came to be uncomfortable with these expectations as we grew up - not to mention it's unfair to other family members. Hopefully our daughter won't feel that way growing up ... but daddy dearest certainly wouldn't mind the good grades and lack of dating until her master's degree is hanging on the wall.


Pantuf said...

You aren't bias. She is the most gorgeous baby ever. she melts my heart. And why wouldn't she be stunningly beautiful? Look at her parents! ;)

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