Saturday, March 05, 2005

The Liger Lives! Sweet ...

At first pass, I watched the indy film "Napoleon Dynamite" and thought:

What the hell is this? Nerds? Ligers? Unicorns? Pastel-colored Trapper Keepers?

After watching it again and again, I have to say it gets funnier and funnier. It seems that everyone knows someone like Napoleon or his brother Kip, or maybe his Uncle Rico. It's an honest movie about people that live in their own little worlds.

I certainly thought Napoleon's favorite animal, the Liger, a half-tiger half-lion combo was as fictional as the unicorns and the warriors he pencils and shades to perfection. But alas, the movie is an honest movie, and someone in Siberia has discovered a real Liger. A glorious animal with the head and mayne of a lion, but the stripes of a Bengal tiger.

Long live Napoleon Dynamite, Stan Lee and UFOs.

Who knows, maybe those "Spider-Man Gloves" that scientists are working will soon be a wall-crawling reality for every-day UFO nerds that are good with a bow-staff and set of nunchaku.

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