Saturday, March 05, 2005

Alice @ 97.3 FM in S.F. blows big chance with Kevin Smith on-air

For three glorious days, fanboy-turned-movie-maker Kevin Smith co-hosted a local radio show here in the Bay Area. Rather than let him spread his wings and talk about the stuff that Alice fans really care about these days - pop culture, movies, celebs and comic books - the obnoxious host, Sarah Clark, tried to stifle his air time at every turn. Her self-serving tunnel vision was disgusting. She insisted on playing silly on-air gameshows that are clearly a crutch for her lack of substance. Sarah made no bones about it, she kept complaining that she needed to hear her own voice more and that Kevin was talking too much. A travesty.

It was sad to see her ego get in the way of a truly inspiring co-host that listeners may never have the chance to interact with again. She's used to her regular, deferring co-host - a DJ with literally no name. Her jealousy was ugly. At one point, Smith, Sarah, Alanis Morissette and Kevin Nielen were all on the air at the same time. She couldn't stop flapping her gums and let the truly talented people do their thing - she was clearly rattled that callers wanted to talk the guests and not her. Sad.

Not only was Smith vying for air time with Sarah, he had to battle the phone-answering, on-air wannabe Hooman. Hooman's bits are supposed to last about a minute or two. At one point, Hooman manipulated his movie reviews to last around seven minutes and he was clearly stalling to stretch his air time even further. Disgusting.

I called in three times to coax Kevin into giving out some legit scoops for his fans. I knew more about what was going on with Kevin than either Sarah or Hooman. I got through once and was dumped off the air really fast after asking Kevin about a secret Star Wars TV project he's supposed to be in charge of. The second time, I held for an hour and had to hang up and get to work. The third time I held for an hour and was hung up on by Hooman because of a stupid game called "dick, not a dick." I never got the chance to ask about the "Fletch" movie prequel Kevin is working on. I never got to ask about the "Green Hornet" movie remake Kevin supposedly wrote, but bailed out on directing. I never got to ask if he'd rather use CGI or live action for a Sci-Fi TV show. These are the things his fans, from all over the world, tuned into hear. Not Sarah ranting about cats, or Hooman and his whiny-feminine act, or the "off-air" producer Matty talking and laughing constantly in the backround. Boring.

At one-point Kevin wanted to quickly give out major scoops about projects he's working on. Because the show was ending and they had to run commercials, Sarah wouldn't let him give the scoops. Hooman begged for quick and dirty scoops before the break. Sarah said no. Commercials ran. They came back and played a game. I had to get to work. The show ended. The fans were cheated by Sarah again. Bitch.

All in all, it was a huge disservice to Alice radio fans. I only tuned for Kevin and probably will never tune in again. This could've brought more fans into the Alice tent, but me thinks not so much now. The egos on that show are so huge that they wouldn't care if Jesus himself came in to co-host. Did I mention Sarah has to tell everyone she's an atheist? Self-centered and lazy.


Anonymous said...

Yeah she really sucks. I listened to it for the first time because of Kev and I couldn't believe she said she had been on the air for over 10 years? Thank god that show isn't on in the city I'm in. Back to Stern come monday form e and deleting that streaming url from my iTunes. Sarah does indeed suck.

Roach™ said...

"...and deleting that streaming url from my iTunes..."

You're welcome.
cool guy

Roach™, The guy responsible for the stream.

O-dogg said...

I can't speak for the anonymous poster, but I didn't need the stream. I'm local and heard it the old fashioned way. Anyway, Roach, you did a good thing for Kevin's fans setting up the stream. Otherwise, many folks would have no idea what we're talking about.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I appreciate the stream Roach but this just isnt my type of show. Sarah was grating and the rest of the show was weak. Kev is what brought me and since he isn't staying then I won't be needing the stream. My intent was not offend your work it was intended to offend Sarah's.

cool guy

roach™ said...

Glad i could help you guys out.

I wanted to say the kevin's presence was good for my 'unmentionables' on the air but hooman dropped me...bastage.

Blue944 said...

I am local as well and I have to agree, they totally wasted a great opportunity. Kevin came up from LA on a whim just to, fulfill a dream (his words), and they wasted his time playing silly games. When he was allowed to speak, he was great.

I know he doesn't need a job, but he would make a great DJ.

Anonymous said...

Kevin has a ton of potential. Remember Sarah has been running that show for 7 years.

O-dogg said...

I'm over it. The day Kevin left Alice was the same day I tuned out. Now I know why I could never have listened to that show for the last 7 years. Life is good these days with all of the choices afforded by satellite radio in a time when there seem to be fewer choices with all of the media congomerates playing Pac-Man with stations.

Hey said...

You are right on with your review "O"
The show was better years ago when she had a different co-host. But wannabe Hoo-Man and Sarah's ego are a real downer on the show.
I wanted to hear more Kevin also. I don't know why she was bothered so much by him. Yes I do. she is, as you say, self centered. I hope Kev does a radio show and it gets streamed. I would listen
As for why Sarah has been in the radio biz 10 years, I believe it has something to do with "afterwards she says, My what a lovely teaparty"