Sunday, February 20, 2005

Teaching kids about the birds and the BEASTS?

I saw blip on the news last night about teaching sex ed to junior high students that will now include homosexuality, masturbation and beastiality. I don't know what school district this is in, but I assume it's here in California.

Let's take these on one by one:

1. Homosexuality. In today's news media and pop culture enviornment, there is enough about gay and lesbian lifestyles to sufficiently educate kids about alternative lifestyles. Why do we need to jam it down their throats - no pun intended - in schools? I'm sorry, but a 12 or 13 year old kid doesn't need to see pictures of anal sex, oral sex or strap-on sex. Let that kid turn 18 and then he or she can make their own choices. Leave it out of schools. Please.

2. Masturbation. By the time a kid gets to junior high, they know what masturbation is, okay. Why teach kids that may not be inclined to masturbate how to do it? They may see it as encouragement. As someone that went to strict parochial schools all his life, I was taught not to masturbate and it worked. I'm glad I was taught this way ... plus it led to a lot of exciting dreams in order for my body to get its natural release. TMI, I know. Moving on.

3. Beastiality. Why in God's name would anyone want to intoduce sex with animals to an impressionable young kid? That is sick. I'm almost 30 and I don't want to know about beastiality. Again, let a kid turn 18 and let he or she make choices on their own, but don't fill their head full of stuff they aren't ready for at such a confusing age when hormones are raging like crazy.

This is disturbing to me and it should be to other parents as well. If a parent really wants their kids to learn this stuff, then they can teach it in the privacy of their own homes, but tax dollars should not be used to teach these perversions. The kids aren't ready for it. Take it from me.

In ninth grade, I attended my first sex ed class. I was seated next to the girl all the guys thought was the hottest thing in a plaid catholic school skirt. The teacher started educating us on the female menstrual cycle. My palms began to sweat. I felt dizzy and nauseous. I felt so sick that I got light-headed and had trouble concentrating. My sheltered mind wasn't ready for all of this new information about bleeding and PMS. I was embarrassed because I wondered if the girl next to me noticed that I was so ignorant about a woman's body. In later years she and I became friends, but I never asked if she noticed my total sex-ed meltdown. Imagine if the teacher had shown us pictures or videos of men having sex, or women masturbating with sex toys, or anyone having sex with a dog? I probably would've barfed up my Cocoa Crispies and never would've made a single female friend all through high school. Thank God I went to private school - the most shocking things I learned about were maxi-pads and condoms and that was enough for me.

So for today's youth, I beg parents to protest the teaching of things like beastiality and masturbation in sex ed class.


Blue944 said...

Nice start to a good blog...who in the hell would want their children taught about beastiality in schools. I am not sure the masturbation thing bothers me all that much. I think the homosexuality might actually be somewhat of a positive thing as it might teach children tolerance and acceptance of alternate lifestyles. I know the parents ought to do this, but not enough of them do.

I can't wait to read the future blogs about comic books. I was a big collector in my youth and still enjoy the conversations. Especially on the old school stuff. I am so glad they started making some decent movies from the Marvel comic books.

Rock on...

Branshine said...

I really think that the whole idea of sex ed in schools would not be needed if parents did their job...Wait how funny would of been to hear my mom try to explain beastiality?

'You see B, when a girl loves her dog very very much they form a special relationship...'

Blue944 said...

Wow, that would be scary. Mom telling me about beastiality. I will file that under "reason's that I need therapy."

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