Monday, February 28, 2005

The Incredibles Wins the O-dogg Oscar for Best Picture. Period.

Forget best animated feature. I feel this movie was the best flick of the year. With all due respect to "Million Dollar Baby," "Ray," and "The Aviator," all of which I haven't seen yet, "The Incredibles" was the best movie this fanboy saw all year.

This movie had what every comic book, cartoon and action movie fan needs:

Superheroes with awesome powers; super villains with the locquatious power to monologue; a high-tech villanous strong hold on a private island; sophisticated guard goons with guns; a volcano with bubbling hot lava flows and creepy caves; cool espionage devices; high tech weapons and vehicles; destructive, evil robots; and an awesome climax amid a concete jungle of a modern metropolis. Best of all the story kicks ass, it had a smokey-jazz-cool historical perspective ala "Sky Captain & The World of Tomorrow," the humor was perfect and the CGI animation was the best this blogger has ever seen.

Bay Area viewers will notice the movie's opening chase sequence takes place in downtown Oakland complete with San Pablo Avenue (sans hookers), Adeline Street (sans the gang bangers) and Park Avenue (sans the skeevy stoners from Alameda). This must be a tip of the cap due to Pixar's headquarters in nearby Emeryville.

The story takes time for a jab at the greedy insurance industry, showing more concern over its stock prices than of taking care of the claims of helpless old ladies. I used to do PR for the insurance industry and it was hell because that portrayal is true. The big companies literally hated hearing about the grandmas with claims that cried to the newspapers and consumer reporters. I was glad to see Mr. Incredible trying to do the right thing and standing up to those greedy pencil pushing insurance professionals. For that alone, the story gets my thumbs up.

The real heart of "The Incredibles" is the family. Mr. Incedible, his wife and kids really show the controlled madness that is a marriage with children. As a new father, I was really sucked into this part of the story. It was touching, funny and action-packed all at the same time.

Can't wait for the DVD. If you haven't seen it, catch it a super-saver theatre while you still can. Trust me fans, you will cherish this movie as much as "The Lord of the Rings," "The Matrix," "Spider-Man," and "X-Men." 'Nuff said.


Pantuf said...

My husband and I loved that movie as well. Can't wait to buy it and show it to our daughter!

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