Friday, February 25, 2005

Are UFOs among us?

I think UFO sightings can be both extra terrestrial and the product of human error, but make no mistake: they are among us. When I was young, my Dad's interest in UFO's used to freak me out. He read books like "Communion," and I wanted nothing to do with it. As I get older - and more interested by things like power tools and the military - I find myself following in his footsteps. I'm totally fascinated by UFO phenomenon.

After ABC's Peter Jennings special last night, I don't see how skeptics can blow off credible sightings made by military men, police men and commercial pilots. Many of them didn't say anything about aliens, but they did say the things they saw were not illusions, hallucinations or man-made aircraft. From the 1940s to now, you can't deny credible, straight-shooting people who have no agenda or anything to gain.

I don't believe in abductions. I do believe that sometimes UFOs can be explained as earthly phenomenon. I also believe that if hundreds of people see a UFO up close, that moves like nothing of this earth and is totally silent, it could be a secret craft made by the U.S. government. But I also believe that the U.S. government is able to make these craft by reverse-engineering UFOs that crashed here at some point.

Not to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but there is more to this story than the government is leading on. I just hope those secrets don't put us in danger some day.


Martini Love said...

Oh my mom used to freak me out. She has told me about UFO's that she saw when she was younger, I didn't believe her but like you I do now. I haven't seen any myself by the truth is out there.. okay that was really lame, but seriously it is.

I didn't know that was on last night bummer I missed it! Oh well!

Mike said...

Word. Accept, I believe in abductions as well as all the stuff that you believe in.

Just passing through.